037: A Serial Entrepreneur – Having Started His Company At Age 13! Now 18, Ollie Forsyth Is On His Way To Becoming A Millionaire!





Today’s guest on the MyCoda podcast is a young lad from the UK, Ollie Forsyth.  He is a serial entrepreneur – having started his company at age 13. He is now 18 and has the Ollie’s Shop, The Budding Entrepreneur Magazine and The Budding Entrepreneur Club. He is a mentor, a speaker, and an ambassador of the Xavier Project Charity.


In this interview, you will learn:

  • About Ollie Forsyth’s back-story.
  • What his driving reason is for setting up The Budding
  • How he started Ollie’s Shop.
  • How he turned his shop into something that generated him a thousand pound in profit quite quickly.
  • How he sold and marketed his products at the age of 13.
  • How things moved on from Ollie’s shop to The Budding Entrepreneur Magazine and eventually, The Budding Entrepreneur Club.
  • If people are surprise to see a young lad when they meet him.
  • What was it about with Xavier Project Charity that he decided to get involved with them.
  • What exactly does Xavier Project Charity do.
  • What’s next on Ollie Forsyth’s calendar.



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