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002: Take your startup from 0 to 6 figures plus with Richard Moore’s EightStepStartup Course!

By Sam Payne | Jun 16, 2016

    Todays guest is a specialist in mentoring start up businesses both on and off line. Richard has set up and run 4 successful companies of his own, one of which is the EightStepStartUp. Richard has been mentored and advised by some of the greatest minds in business including work-class business professors, leaders of globally…

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How to set up an automated social posting system for FaceBook | LinkedIn | Instagram | Twitter

By Sam Payne | Jun 13, 2016

  In this blog post I am going to outline the software you can utilise and the process you can follow to automate your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn feeds. This will allow you to set out a your social media posting strategy and ensure you stick to it.   Staying active on social media…

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9 Points you NEED to consider when hiring a freelancer…

By Sam Payne | Jun 10, 2016

In this blog post I am going to highlight the problems you can incur when hiring a free lancer to design or develop a website. I have had numerous experiences, good and bad over the years, and will be highlighting the major do’s and don’ts when hiring a free lancer, and if it’s worth hiring…

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001:$1m By The Age Of 18. Learn How Matt Pocius From The My First Million Mentor Academy Done This!

By Sam Payne | Jun 6, 2016

Show Notes:   This is an exciting day for everyone at MyCoda as it is the very first podcast interview we recorded! Today we have a very special guest, this is someone who has mentored me over the past 12 months, and has massively contributed to my success. He is a serial entrepreneur who has…

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MyCoda is Live!

By Sam Payne | Jun 2, 2016

This is a very exciting day for me as it’s the launch of MyCoda. I have been working in the online space for over 5 years now, and in this time encountered just about every headache you can imagine when it comes to setting up an online business.   Throughout this time I documented the…

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10 Key strategies you need to follow to build a website that converts like crazy!

By Sam Payne | May 13, 2016

  In this blog post I am going to outline 10 key strategies to employ when building a website to increase traffic retention, and product or service sales. There is a major flaw in peoples perception on how to attain a website, what to include in the website and what to do with it once…

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