Not your average new year’s resolutions….8 Steps that will ACTUALLY help you achieve your goals in 2017!

In this post, I’m going to talk to you about eight key points which are going to lay a solid foundation for your 2017. This isn’t your normal top ten tips for entrepreneurs going into 2017. I want to draw on a few lessons which I have learned in the past which have actually clouded my vision.


What I mean by clouded my vision is, say for example it’s 2017. I’ve got these goals I want to achieve. I could then go and read a post on Facebook which directs me to a blog which tells me about ten key points that this very successful entrepreneur likes to go into his new year with. And that could not quite align with where I want to go.


So all of a sudden, I’ve got this conflicting view against with what I want to achieve or my goals for that year. And it makes me think, maybe I shouldn’t be trying to achieve that because that’s not what this expert is doing. So all of a sudden, I changed my game plan. and it doesn’t align with what I actually want to do. It aligns with what the expert wants to do.


There’s nothing wrong with following advice from other people. In fact, that’s how great businesses are made. But you need to know how to process that advice and really understand, does that apply to me? Can I use that? Can it help me?


So I’ve fallen victim to this in the past. And I’ve gone into 2017 with a set of guidelines which I thought that if I just stick to these things for myself, I’ll be happy, I’ll be healthy, and I would learn a lot in the process. So as long as I do these 8 things, no matter what I apply it to, I should become successful.


These do apply and they’re very easy to implement. We’re going to lay a foundation for 2017 which you can build on. We’re not trying to set up a business and make a multi-million dollar empire in 12 months. Some people manage it, I don’t know how but some people do.


What we’re going to do in 2017 is get one step closer to our end goal. It may take another 3 or 4 years to get there. It might take you 10 years to get there. But as long as we’re doing these things in 2017, they’re going to get us toward that goal. Then it’s important we make sure the steps we take are contributing to achieving these things.


So I’ve got eight steps which I’m going to run through. These are very easy to implement and they’re going to help you truly get towards whatever your goal is.


So the first one is health. It’s not business related but guess what, being healthy and active has so many benefits to running a business. My first business is a cross fit gym. Before I really got into the depths of how to run that gym and when I first set it up, I just enjoy the gym, training, and enjoy doing what I love doing, which was exercising.


For me my goals were all fitness related. I invested a lot of time and energy into my fitness. I was training two to three hours, eighteen stupidly strict diet and nutrition plans. And then all of a sudden, my business started to suffer so I had to then take a step back from the fitness stuff. I actually stopped training altogether for like three or four weeks straight.


And then all of a sudden, I found I was miserable, tired, often thinking straight, I wasn’t creative, I wasn’t proactive, I wasn’t very nice to be around, my energy was low, and it was just not a good place for me to be in. So then I went back to just training an hour a day and it’s the way that my body performs its best. It’s the way my mind performs at its best.


No matter how tired I am I always go in and train first thing in the morning. That with a bit of a decent diet, you would be fine. What I mean with a decent diet is just cut out the sweets all week long and then maybe once a week just treat yourself. So everything in moderation is fine. You don’t have to train for an hour a day. Just get up and do twenty press ups, whatever. Just do something every day.


Knowledge. It is very important. We need to make sure that we are learning all the time. But you need to be careful not to get in this trap of consuming everything you see online. Without realizing it, you could become a hoover and just taking information from everywhere. And all of sudden, you’re so overwhelmed. You don’t know what to do with that information.


Russell Brunson talks about this that overwhelming is good. And I agree. It’s good to immerse yourself in something and really try and understand it. Because once you’ve immersed yourself in a topic, you can then start breaking down different parts to that and then start fine tuning everything. Whatever your way of learning is, make sure you’re learning something that’s relevant to your business and what you’re doing at that time because that’s the way you are truly going to master it.


And the only way you are truly going to master it is by following the next point which is application. Application is key. You must take everything you’re learning and use it to test it to see if it does work. And that’s how you’re really going to understand a topic and master it. So when you’re consuming content, make sure it’s relevant to whatever it is you’re doing. As you start becoming successful, people will see this and they’ll pick up a new energy signature and want to get involved. They want some of what you’ve got. So people can offer you opportunities.


Whether you take them or not is up to you but I would strongly recommend learning to say no. Only say yes to the stuff that’s really going to be important to you. When you’ve been presented with opportunities, make sure it aligns with everything you’re doing. And make sure you can manage the extra burden of responsibility.


Every time you say yes to an opportunity, you’re closing a door to another. And this opportunity may not be right for you. It may not be the best thing for you, your business, or whatever. But make sure that whatever it is you are even considering taking on as an opportunity, make sure you’re passionate and excited about it, make sure it aligns with what you’re doing and what you believe is bright, and make sure it’s something you can invest your time and energy in. And lastly, make sure it doesn’t detract away from what you’re doing at that time. If you start taking up opportunities here, make sure it doesn’t bring down everything else around you. You want to be building everything at the same time.


Now, people that are going to help you do this to stay on track are your mentors. So this is my next point. Make sure you find mentors in 2017. If you haven’t got already, go find them. I don’t just grab anybody. I look for people that are going to help me grow my businesses and help me develop as a person.


I’ve done paid mentors online. It was OK. But what I’ve learned from those experiences is people who you pay to be your mentor, never invest in you as much as people who you don’t pay to be a mentor. People who you pay to be a mentor, they’ve got one interest. Their primary goal in that transaction is to take money for that service.


Now, I agree in paying for coaches. I agree in paying for consultants. But mentors, I like to look for people that don’t want to take money from me but actually want to help me as a person grow. And from that, I’ve got so many better results from those relationships than people I’ve paid for mentors. The mentors I have got are people I’ve met through other mentors, the people that I’ve met within my gym and within the environments I’m normally in. I start interacting and being around more successful people and naturally my network grows. So it’s very important you do too guys.


Now this one is very important, clear your calendar. Entrepreneurs love to be busy. If you fill your calendar with rubbish that doesn’t need to be done, you are going to be detracting from the one key thing that’s going to grow your business. If you get one thing done today or tomorrow and that one thing is going to be the main thing that’s going to contribute to the success of you and your company, then that’s a good thing.


Don’t worry if you haven’t got a hundred things on your calendar. Just because someone’s got loads in the calendar doesn’t mean they’re successful. Make sure your calendar is only full of priorities that are truly going to get you and your business to where it needs to be. That’s what assistants and staffs are for. That’s what these highly skilled people are here for, to help you grow your business with stuff that may not be true to your skill set. I concentrate on what my strengths are. And by doing that my calendar is only filled with stuff that’s important to me and the growth of my business.


Now this next one is very, very important. If you could do one thing this year, this is it. Keep away from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, all those other places. And I don’t mean to stay away from them in terms of never go near them. Social media is the tool to be on to grow your business but as long as you’re on there to grow your business.


That’s building relationships with people, building networks of people, providing value to people, growing your network, becoming an authority in a given niche or industry. Use social media for its strengths which are going to help contribute to the success of your business. Don’t use social media to watch videos of monkeys jumping around on trees and people in clown suits getting beat up. All that rubbish that doesn’t matter, it’s just fluff. It’s noise.


You only make sure you’re on social media when you need to be on social media. And you do it by blocking your time. So I generally go on social media first thing in the morning when I’m eating my breakfast and that’s to answer any questions, emails, any things in the forums. I get that done in sort of ten, twenty minutes. And then I close it down, I move on to my next task for the day. And then before I go to bed, I spend twenty minutes just going through my stuff then I’m done. It’s the same with my emails guys. You make sure that you stay true to what it is you need to achieve that day.


The last one is very, very important. I made a vow to do this too much in 2017. I’ve already started doing this and I’ve seen a huge increase in my energy levels. I’ve seen massive jumps forward in my relationship with my son and my wife. I am happier. And I look forward to coming back to work after doing this. I laugh more. I’m happy. I make a point to be happy. I make it a point to laugh more and have a good time.


And I make sure I’m living the life I want to be living – so whether that means spending an hour every single evening with my wife and my son. And then I’ll get back to work after that. But I’ve spent that time every single day with my family. And I do tend to work sometimes at weekends but then I might block the whole weekend out after like eleven o’clock on a Saturday morning and I spend the rest of that whole weekend 100% percent dad and husband mode.


I don’t do anything about business I just get in there and I enjoy that time with my wife and my son. By doing this, I’m actually enjoying those moments. Enjoy the times you need to be enjoying your family. Invest in that time as much as you invest in your business time. Entrepreneurs invest in a business and they put everything into that business. Then take that same work ethic. Family, loved ones, friends, invest that same bit of energy in to that as well.



So here’s a quick summary of the steps that will ACTUALLY help you achieve your goals in 2017:


1.Health & Wellbeing



4.Learn to say NO

5.Find mentors

6.Clear your calendar

7.Keep away from Facebook

8.Live, laugh and be happy



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