Email marketing is for losers……said no successful email marketer ever! 6 Steps towards your next highly converting email campaign!


In this blog post I’m going to outline 6 key steps you need to take to set up an awesome email marketing campaign that’s going to convert like crazy.


In this day and age people are still under the impression that email marketing isn’t as effective as social media marketing…but they couldn’t be further from the truth.


Email Marketing is still one of the most effective ways to communicate and engage with your following to drive traffic to your site to your or sales pages…to your products and promotions or your sales funnels to generate extreme amounts of profit consistently.


So what are we going to cover in this blog post?

  1. We’re going to cover what email marketing is.
  2. How to effectively utilize email marketing.
  3. How the quality of your list trumps the quantity of your list.
  4. The two-step opt in process.
  5. How to create an awesome first e-mail.
  6. How to setup your autoresponder series for when visitors first subscribe.

What is email marketing?


Email marketing is the most effective way to communicate with your audience.


One of the huge benefits of email marketing is the fact that you own the list of subscribers.


What you don’t want to do is invest all your time and energy building a following on a platform that you don’t own…. Social media is an incredible way to build a following and to engage with your followers and subscribers…


Say for example you’ve got 100,000 people following you on Facebook and Facebook changed the way that you can communicate to your following…Or they pull down your pages completely.


You’ve just lost everything and you have no control over that whatsoever. That will never happen with your own list as you won it. So if Facebook decide to shut up shop you can still contact and engage with your list of customers.


You can call on time and time again to generate income when and when you need it.


A perfect example of this is from Russell Brunson… He was talking about how had his merchant accounts shut down and he had hundreds and thousands of dollars sitting in their accounts they couldn’t access.


Russell could have sat around and sulked for a bit but he didn’t… and sent it out to his e-mail list and invited them to a webinar…


During that webinar Russell sold over $120,000 worth of products in 90 minutes! That is insane and a true example of how powerful a list of targeted subscribers can be when mixed with a proven online sales funnel.


The law of average with a list is for every one person you have on your subscriber list, equates to one dollar per month worth of income…if you treat that list properly.


Can you now see how powerful an email list is? And it’s something that a lot of people use to drive sales all the time with their businesses.


It’s a very…very…very effective way to promote, test and sell new products and services…


Find out exactly what your markets problems are and what they wish to know.


How to effectively use email marketing.


The first thing you need to do is ensure there’s a few things in place…


The first thing is strong subject line. You need to have a strong punchy headline that’s going to grab your reader’s attention.


Imagine you’re scrolling through your phone and you’ve received 20 or 30 emails overnight…you wake up in the morning and you check your phone…


You scroll through and the only time you open an email is when it’s from someone you are interested in…or it’s got a really punchy headline that grabs your attention and makes you want to read more.


Also conduct research on the best time to send emails. You want to understand when your users most engage with their inbox. Now if you’ve got hundreds and thousands of people on your email list it’s going to be very hard to track that so you just send them…


But if you’ve got a targeted e-mail list of say five hundred or thousand people and they’re all from the U.K It won’t be worth sending that e-mail at 3:00 a.m. because most of those people are going to be.


Now if you’ve done all the hard work of getting someone reading your emails, you better make it worth their while…


The average attention span of an online user is only 9 SECONDS! With this in mind you have to grab their attention instantly…


Russell Brunson talks about this all the time… You have to tell stories in your emails. And when you’re telling stories you need to get to the highest point of tension first.


Think about it. How many times have you watched the movie and the star of the film is at the highest point of tension in the very first scene? There are people getting blown up, there’s stuff going off all over the place and people scrambling to safety!


Your heart rate is up and your palms start to sweat when you’re watching it and you think oh my god this is insane! And then it just cuts and goes back to the beginning.


From that first moment you laid eyes on the screen they’ve got your attention and will not return to that point of high tension for a good 35 or 40 minutes later in the film.


It’s a very effective way to tell stories and script writers have been doing this for years. So make sure you get straight to the point and you grab them from the moment they lay eyes on your email.


You need to present the content in a way where it is easy to consume. 65% of the people in the world will read and consume their emails via a mobile device.  That’s an incredible statistic.


That means that when people are looking at content on their phone they don’t want to be reading great big paragraphs. You’ll notice in all my emails and blogs everything is over one, two or three lines.


In an email I always leave a…. So I might write an email that would look like the following:


Hi (@NAME) …


Have you ever been sitting there wondering how on earth do I get more traffic to my site…


Have you ever invested hundreds and thousands of pounds into advertising on social media and Google and got nothing in return…


How frustrating is this process ?
Have you been here before…


So have I!


I’m here to tell you exactly how you can overcome this and start driving quality traffic to your website or blog…


Not interested? Check out my easy to implement, proven system below…


You can see how easy it is to scan over the content and understand exactly what it is I’m trying to say.


I wouldn’t worry about it being grammatically correct either. It has been proven that an email with poor grammar and punctuation can convert so much higher than well laid out content with no mistakes.


The reader can establish straight away if this is this something they want to read. The sentences are open-ended and allow the reader to move from one point to the next really quickly.


Another really great way to present your emails is by putting pictures and images in the text. This breaks up the text and guides the reader’s eyes through the email.


Because there are not huge chunks of text which are hard to break down with a human eye the content is easily readable on the phone and desktop.


When the customer is on the other end of the email there’s a good chance they’re out and about. They may been in a restaurant or sitting on the train or in a taxi…with this in mind you want them to be able to get through the content quickly.


There must be clear takeaways in every single email, so you must make sure that the objective of email is stated right at the start. Go back to the email example I outlined above.


I outline the problem they are facing, ask them if they are finding this an issue and then providing them with the solution. This does not have to be the whole solution; a quick actionable tip will suffice.


One thing you need to understand is it’s not about you, it’s about them. This is about helping them solve their problems. This is not the time to blow your own trumpet and tell them how amazing you are.


Okay so your emails need to offer value, they need to have quick actionable takeaways and they need to tell a story and entertain. I am a huge fan of storytelling with my content in my emails.


One you engage with your clients or potential customers you need make yourself real. You make yourself accessible. Make yourself someone that’s on their level and they can relate to.


As an influencer you’re sitting on top of a mountain and the client reading your content is at the bottom of that mountain. They will see this huge achievement and wonder…. how on earth did he/she manage that?


When you start telling stories about how you was once at the bottom of the mountain you can let them know that it is achievable and you will show them how. This is a very powerful way to become relatable to people trying to achieve what you have.


If you’re selling products you need to make sure that you’re telling stories that relates to your product.


So if I’m selling a product which are running trainers I could start telling a story about how I ran a marathon and it was a fantastic. The mood was high. Everyone’s having a great time…


I was 16 miles in and the people around me would start complaining about how their feet were hurting. Normally at this point I would be to. But I was wearing these brand new trainers, which were incredible, and they helped me so much…


I had no pain at all! Want to know what the trainers in question are…


As you can see I make the story relevant to the product I am selling, which are a pair of trainers. This just highlights that everyone can start storytelling in their emails.


Quality Over Quantity.



I know so many people that are building lists and concentrating on the amount of subscribers they have over the quality of subscribers they have.


But that’s actually not the best way to build your lists. You need to ensure that the quality of your list far out trumps the quantity of your list. It’s far better to have 100 engaging people on your list rather than 1000 people that just aren’t interested.


This comes down to how you market your product and who you market to. Let’s say you were selling an app that helped rugby fans access data on all rugby games and place bets on certain games as they were happening live.


You wouldn’t then market that betting rugby app to a football fan because that football fan wouldn’t care about rugby. You could advertise it as a sports betting app and have a whole load of subscribers join your list from every sport imaginable.


You could have thousands of subscribers, but only a handful that are interested in rugby. This will lead to one-thing…Un subscribers!


You need to make sure that if you’ve got an app that’s specifically designed for rugby you are targeting people who have got an active interest in rugby. Then when you follow up and send your subscriber emails in the future they will engage in your content as it’s in a topic they love.


The 2 Step Opt In Process.


You opt in page should be simple and direct. You don’t want to give the user any other options but to opt in or not opt in. You could have the opt in box on a popular blog or page on your site, but make sure it is front and center where it cannot be missed.


But don’t just guess what’s popular and what’s not, go off your site analytics. If you haven’t got any get some! You want to ensure you send people to the pages that are being visited most often.


It’s important that you offer something of value to the subscriber. They will not just hand over their email address for no reason. You should give them something that they can action straight away and see instant results.


It could be a free plus shipping offer, free webinar, a cheat sheet or eBook for example. Whatever you’re offering, ensure is tailored to the audience your marketing to. This goes back to the rugby example.


The last and most important point on this is to ensure it delivers on its promise. There’s nothing like a broken promise to lose the trust you could have built with that person and instantly turn them into a Un subscriber.


Now with any opt in there is a two-step process. There is the opt in page itself and the thank you page. Your opt in will be on your site or blog. You can use services like lead pages, click funnels to have individual pages for this.


Where ever it is make sure it is clear, to the point and offers no other option but to opt in or opt out.


On the opt in itself you can have a number of things that will enable you to increase the chances of that subscriber giving you their email address. You can add a 1-3 question quiz or popup.


You would think that this decreases the chance of the person subscribing to your list, but think about it…


Imagine you have come to a site and like the look of a free give away, but unsure you want to give over your address. In the opt in you are asked a few questions regarding your current business…


How long have you been selling online? How many monthly page views do you receive? The questions themselves don’t matter, they are there to just get the person clicking and investing some time in the process.


If you are that person, by the time you are asked to hand over your email it will be a no brainer. People value something much more if they have invested time or money in it…


Even if it is only 30 seconds on a couple of easy to answer questions. This is enough to make the user want something in return for their “efforts”.


The thank you page could be just a general thank you page where you say thank you for subscribing. Please see the download for your amazing e-book. There is nothing wrong with this, but you may be leaving cash on the table.


You could say Wait. Your download is not yet complete . Check out this incredible offer on………. That combined with your free e-book giveaway is going to dramatically increase your chances to turn those much wanted site visitors into subscribers every single month.


Now you are giving them a one time offer that could genuinely benefit them. I would recommend making this a very low-ticket item. Something that is affordable but offers a ton of value.


Now you are seeing if they are willing to get their credit card out and actually pay you for one of your products.


If you haven’t got a product yourself you could offer an affiliate link to a product that will help them reach their goals. But ensure the affiliate offer aligns with the initial free download they just opted in for.


Your awesome first email.



Your first email after your new subscriber has just downloaded your give away and gone through your opt in and thank you page has to be good. This is your chance to tell them more about why you are the person to help them.


You don’t want to go in with a ego pitch though, you want to tell stories that will show the user why you are qualified to help them, or why your product is amazing and will benefit them.


I am in the process of launching my Business Automation Course and have pasted the exact email that starts of my sequence below:


Hi, Sam here


Welcome to the my world…


About 5 years ago I left the British Army to start my own business…

“But Sam, you don’t know the first thing about running a business!” 


I can’t tell you the amount of times I heard this…and for a second or two I started to believe it…


But I figured the only way I would find out is to give it a shot…


And 5 glorious/unbelievably tough/remarkable/costly years later I have found pretty much every way to trip up and lose money…


Like many entrepreneurs I was near breaking point when I started to learn and master something miraculous…


Digital marketing!


Now I’m not talking about the usual techniques from outdated guru’s who market like were in 1980…


No, I mean studying modern, proven techniques that actually work…


As a result I have built one business in the fitness industry that makes multiple 6 figures a year…


Now in the grand scheme of things 6 figures a year is nothing to go nuts about, however there is one key thing I forgot to mention…


That business is completely passive for me! Thats right, I invest a total of 1 hour a week max to that business… 


So what has this done for me? Well I now have a system that I teach others…


A system that has allowed me to build a business from something I love that earns hundreds of thousands of pounds a year and pays for me to test all this cool marketing stuff… 


Oh and this cool marketing stuff has now paved the path for a new business that I now run managing the digital marketing accounts for multiple multi million pound companies from across the world! 


How cool is that! So how does this benefit you? 


It is my mission to provide as much value as possible to successful entrepreneurs just like you…


I am going to be completely transparent with everything I am doing so you can look straight over my shoulder as I grow multi million pound companies…


The best part…I’m not even going to charge for what others would consider premium content…


How cool is that? Doesn’t that sound awesome…


I will also be recommending products that will enable you to achieve this success for yourself…


These are products I own or trusted products I think are incredible and will help you reach your goals in the quickest time possible…


Remember you have to invest in yourself, your education and the resources you use to grow your business and reach heights you never thought possible…


You will be so blown away with the value I’m going to provide you will feel obliged to pay me for my stuff in the future! (Only joking…sort of)


Sound good?


Great, look out for my email tomorrow,


The subject line will be: “The day my business nearly killed me!”


Talk soon,

Sam Payne

P.S. These emails will deliver more and more value as they go on. Be sure to open my email tomorrow, remember the subject will be “CH 2 of 5,The day my business nearly killed me”.


P.P.S. I will also show you an incredible offer on the one key resource I utilise to grow my kick ass A-Team…Be sure to check it out.


There are a few things happening in this email. I am telling them why I am qualified to teach them this stuff, creating intrigue with the opportunity I am about to give them then telling them what they can expect from my emails.


I tell them outright that I will be selling them stuff. I tell them that they will get a ton of value and on top of that I get them excited about tomorrow’s email.


Your auto responder series.


Your auto responder series should be consistent with every new subscriber. I know some people that have 3 emails, some that have 7 and some that have up to 30!


There is no right or wrong answer here. I prefer 5 emails that lead them to a particular product or service related to why they opted in in the first place. It’s hard to sell someone on the front end a high ticket offer.


It becomes much easier if you do this via a well-structured email sequence following their initial opt in and download.


I have provided an email above, which is the first email I have in a 5-part sequence. Every day I tell a story outlining the problem they have, and I once had.


Then I take them one step closer to the solution day by day until on the last day I hit them with a one time offer on a product or service that will answer their problems.


This can be done in any niche or industry. You just have to understand your clients needs and serve them. If you can paint a picture around the actual problem they are having and then provide a solution there is a good chance you will get the sale.


Your email sequence is your chance to build trust with the subscriber and sell them over the 5 emails. And it doesn’t end there. From then on you send them broadcasts to more of the same product or different products you have on offer.


The key to successful email marketing is:


  1. Find the right audience
  2. Understand their needs
  3. Provide ton of value in return for their email address
  4. Slowly introduce them to an offer via your sequence
  5. Continue to sell to them, add value to them via your broadcasts
  6. Repeat the process time and time again


Your aim is to always keep building your list. You never let it go stagnant. The more people you have on your list, the more people you can serve. The more people you can serve the more money you can make.


This post was an outline and an introduction to email marketing. If you wish to know more contact me via the link below…

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