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"The best thing about hiring consultants and coaches is the amount of time you cut off of your learning curve. Time is a valuable commodity that far out weighs the value of money."

- Sam Payne - Founder of MyCoda

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Sam is a specialist in business startups. With 3 successful companies both, offline and online, Sam helps you set up and run a business that works.Period.

Do You Qualify?

Sam only works with highly motivated individuals that are serious about setting up and running a successful business. Continue if you are  ready to take the next step.

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If  you are ready continue to the next step, book your strategy session with Sam. You will then get to know Sam, establish if you can work together and set an action plan.


The Strategy Session ?

This is a FREE 25 Minute call where Sam will find out more about you, your business, your needs and if you and Sam can work together. 




"My wife and I walked into Sam's gym, NWK, around February of this year. What we found was a real Crossfit Box with a community to boot. She joined up as my work would not allow it and soon came home with confidence under load and moving much better than ever before.


To say the least I was jealous. She kept bragging about the people, the great coaching and the top class facility. Bear in mind my wife comes from a international sporting back round, she is use to good coaching and great facilities, but on this occasion she spoke very highly of NWK.


A few months down the line and we have been fortunate enough to find a facility and an opportunity to open our own box. I obviously made a wise decision to go and speak to Sam, with years of knowledge on what to do and what not to do.


I spent a few hours with Sam and in that short space of time I changed my whole initial plan. They advised my on lay out, on flooring and especially how to create a box feel.


We have now been open for 2 weeks and it's going well, we are a small box so space and the use of it has been key, thanks to their advise I believe we nailed that aspect. Everyone that walks in here says it feels and looks like a box, well thanks Sam!


I highly recommend Sam for value and service. His knowledge of Crossfit and setting up and running a business as a whole as well as laying out your box and decking it with stuff you need and stuff you don't is invaluable! Sam saved me time and money, and now my returns are greater than i would have ever imagined."


-Adrian Foster

Owner & Head Coach of Tiger Pit CrossFit


After working for someone all of my life, I decided to start up my own pest control business but had no idea where to start. After someone recommending Sam and MyCoda, and seeing how his site has been set out and updated daily I knew this guy was going to be the person to get me where I needed to be.


I had a 1 to 1 with Sam and passed all of my ideas to him, within a day he emailed me a template to my site. This made everything real and gave me more incentive to Push all my doubts aside and really go for it! Throughout the design, Sam has given me great sound business advise, he has also given me ideas and taught me things that I thought could never be done I highly recommend Sam and MyCoda to anyone starting up a business or looking for a new business venture. This guy comes across very passionate about his work and knows his stuff!


-Joe Ryan

Founder Of Pest Hub

What The Experts Say...


"I thoroughly enjoyed being on Sam's podcast. It was refreshing to be interviewed by someone who asked very 'different' questions to everyone else out there. His focus on providing value for his audience will no doubt mean lots of opportunities for him, and them!"

-Chris Ducker - Founder & CEO Virtual Staff Finder &


"Sam knows his stuff when it comes to starting a business. I would recommend MyCoda and the resources Sam has to offer here for anyone looking to grow, expand and IGNITE their own business. This is the place to be for start ups through to struggling entrepreneurs!"
-John Lee Demas - Founder of Entrepreneur on Fire 


 "Sam Payne is a superstar entrepreneur going big places"
-Nathan Chan - Publisher & Editer of Foundr Magazine


"There are a lot of people teaching entrepreneurship out there but Sam is the real deal. With solid experience building up from scratch, and clear thinking about what really matters in business, I'd rate his insights far over anyone who tries to sell you a one shot formula - what he is talking about is approaches that last."

-Marianne Cantwell - Founder Of Free Range Humans



"I'm a big fan of Sam Payne's MyCoda podcast. The guy's genuine, authentic and ambitious. So excited to see what he has in store for us all in the future. Thanks for inviting me to be part of the journey, Sam!"

-Richard Moore - Founder of The EightStepStartUp


Sam is one of the smartest and hardest working guys I know. He is one of the best business consultants for start-ups I have ever met, and is FULL of fantastic resources. Check him out when you get a chance!

James Camp - Founder of Tipping Point Agency


Sam Payne does a fantastic job of asking the questions everyone is dying to know about entrepreneurs and his content is phenomenally fresh!

Jeet Banerjee - Founder of Stat Fuse and Visionary Media Group


"Sam asks insightful and well considered questions to his interviewees and is clearly passionate about producing content that is practical and has real value to both readers and listeners."

-Valerie Khoo - Founder & CEO of Australian Writers Centre


"My interview experience with Sam Payne was fantastic! MyCode is a great way to reach your audience and spread the word about your business."

-Brett Miller - Founder & CEO of Brik Book

The work Sam does with his clients... 

In this port folio you will see the websites of the clients I have worked with. The website is the final piece of the puzzle, I pride myself in working with my clients to help them in the following areas...


  1. Clarity Of Vision For Your Business
  2. Explore  Your Business Model
  3. Set Short & Long Term Goals
  4. Establish Your Target Market
  5. Establish Your Brand
  6. Areas Of Personal Struggle
  7. Establish Your Target Markets Needs
  8. Build Products & Services Around Your Target Markets Needs
  9. Build a Custom Online Platform For Your Business

Speaking & Seminars 

The foundations of a successful business.

I deliver talks at seminars and small group classes outlining exactly how to set up and run a successful business. In the video I outline what I teach on a regular basis where I break down the points mentioned throughout. I show you EXACTLY how you can utilise all of them to build and grow your audience so you can increase traffic and convert that traffic into sales.


To book me for your own event click the link below...

Sam's nation wide CrossFit Event-The Stand Alone Series 

The Set Up

The Main Event

Start Up Consultancy Packages



  • 25 Minute Initial Consultation
  • 3 x 45 Minute Calls Over 5 Weeks
  • Access To Private Facebook Group
  • Clarity Of Vision For Your Business
  • Explore Business Model
  • Set Long Term Goals
  • Establish Your Target Market
  • Establish Your Brand
  • Areas Of Personal Struggle

Start-Up Plus

  • 25 Minute Initial Consultation
  • 6 x 45 Minute Calls Over 8 Weeks
  • Access To Private Facebook Group
  • Clarity Of Vision For Your Business
  • Explore Business Model
  • Set Long Term Goals
  • Establish Your Target Market
  • Establish Your Brand
  • Areas Of Personal Struggle
  • 12 Month Personal Email Support

Start-Up Complete

  • 25 Minute Initial Consultation
  • 6 x 45 Minute Calls Over 8 Weeks
  • Access To Private Facebook Group
  • Clarity Of Vision For Your Business
  • Explore Business Model
  • Set Long Term Goals
  • Establish Your Target Market
  • Establish Your Brand
  • Areas Of Personal Struggle
  • Website Design
  • Website Build
  • Video Tutorials On How To Mange Site
  • 12 Month Personal Email Support
  • Payment Plan (Please Contact For More Info)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have Sam as a consultant if I have already launched my business?

Yes, I have clients who have already got their businesses off the ground but are struggling to make traction.

I have an offline business, can Sam still help?

Yes, I have got 4 business with a 5th launching very soon including a Gym, Events company, Podcast, Consultancy and a soon to be Mastermind Group. All of which include online and offline work.

How much time will we need together?

This varies on the clients needs. I have clients that I spend 2-4 hours per month with and clients that I spend 1-5 hours per week with. It all depends on you and your needs.

Can you guarantee that I will get results?

Your results depend on your actions. I am here to share my experience and expertise with you to ensure that you concentrate your efforts on the things that will really make a difference. If you are willing to put in the time and effort required there is a high chance you will achieve the results that you are aiming for. 

Can anyone work with you?

I have a select few clients that I like to serve each month. This allows me to give each client my full attention and provide the best service possible. On average I take on 2-3 clients per month.

Can I get a custom package?

Yes of course. I will be happy to discuss your needs and put together a custom package that is tailored to you and your business. Contact me on:

Still Not Sure?

Book a FREE Strategy Session with Sam to see if you are a good fit...

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