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In this episode of the MyCoda podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jay Samit. He is the best-selling author of his book, Disrupt Yourself, speaker, serial entrepreneur, intrapreneur, and he’s been at the forefront of many global trends over the last 3 decades. He has also worked with pretty much every large brand over the years – including Disney, Apple, American Express, Coca-cola, Ebay and many more.


In this interview, you will learn:

  • About Jay’s entrepreneurial journey and back-story.
  • What are the types of questions to ask to recognize the potential solution to a particular problem.
  • What is the key to success.
  • How to concentrate on the small, which seemed insignificant, problems.
  • How some of the biggest business had started.
  • What “In order to be a disruptor, you have to first disrupt yourself.” means and how you can achieve this.
  • What life is like at the top of a big company.
  • What skillsets and special traits you can try and learn for yourself.
  • How you can use the term “intrapreneur” to disrupt what’s going on your own company.
  • What is the key lesson Jay learned throughout this whole process that he can share to you.


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In this blog post I’m going to outline 6 key steps you need to take to set up an awesome email marketing campaign that’s going to convert like crazy.


In this day and age people are still under the impression that email marketing isn’t as effective as social media marketing…but they couldn’t be further from the truth.


Email Marketing is still one of the most effective ways to communicate and engage with your following to drive traffic to your site to your or sales pages…to your products and promotions or your sales funnels to generate extreme amounts of profit consistently.


So what are we going to cover in this blog post?

  1. We’re going to cover what email marketing is.
  2. How to effectively utilize email marketing.
  3. How the quality of your list trumps the quantity of your list.
  4. The two-step opt in process.
  5. How to create an awesome first e-mail.
  6. How to setup your autoresponder series for when visitors first subscribe.

What is email marketing?


Email marketing is the most effective way to communicate with your audience.


One of the huge benefits of email marketing is the fact that you own the list of subscribers.


What you don’t want to do is invest all your time and energy building a following on a platform that you don’t own…. Social media is an incredible way to build a following and to engage with your followers and subscribers…


Say for example you’ve got 100,000 people following you on Facebook and Facebook changed the way that you can communicate to your following…Or they pull down your pages completely.


You’ve just lost everything and you have no control over that whatsoever. That will never happen with your own list as you won it. So if Facebook decide to shut up shop you can still contact and engage with your list of customers.


You can call on time and time again to generate income when and when you need it.


A perfect example of this is from Russell Brunson… He was talking about how had his merchant accounts shut down and he had hundreds and thousands of dollars sitting in their accounts they couldn’t access.


Russell could have sat around and sulked for a bit but he didn’t… and sent it out to his e-mail list and invited them to a webinar…


During that webinar Russell sold over $120,000 worth of products in 90 minutes! That is insane and a true example of how powerful a list of targeted subscribers can be when mixed with a proven online sales funnel.


The law of average with a list is for every one person you have on your subscriber list, equates to one dollar per month worth of income…if you treat that list properly.


Can you now see how powerful an email list is? And it’s something that a lot of people use to drive sales all the time with their businesses.


It’s a very…very…very effective way to promote, test and sell new products and services…


Find out exactly what your markets problems are and what they wish to know.


How to effectively use email marketing.


The first thing you need to do is ensure there’s a few things in place…


The first thing is strong subject line. You need to have a strong punchy headline that’s going to grab your reader’s attention.


Imagine you’re scrolling through your phone and you’ve received 20 or 30 emails overnight…you wake up in the morning and you check your phone…


You scroll through and the only time you open an email is when it’s from someone you are interested in…or it’s got a really punchy headline that grabs your attention and makes you want to read more.


Also conduct research on the best time to send emails. You want to understand when your users most engage with their inbox. Now if you’ve got hundreds and thousands of people on your email list it’s going to be very hard to track that so you just send them…


But if you’ve got a targeted e-mail list of say five hundred or thousand people and they’re all from the U.K It won’t be worth sending that e-mail at 3:00 a.m. because most of those people are going to be.


Now if you’ve done all the hard work of getting someone reading your emails, you better make it worth their while…


The average attention span of an online user is only 9 SECONDS! With this in mind you have to grab their attention instantly…


Russell Brunson talks about this all the time… You have to tell stories in your emails. And when you’re telling stories you need to get to the highest point of tension first.


Think about it. How many times have you watched the movie and the star of the film is at the highest point of tension in the very first scene? There are people getting blown up, there’s stuff going off all over the place and people scrambling to safety!


Your heart rate is up and your palms start to sweat when you’re watching it and you think oh my god this is insane! And then it just cuts and goes back to the beginning.


From that first moment you laid eyes on the screen they’ve got your attention and will not return to that point of high tension for a good 35 or 40 minutes later in the film.


It’s a very effective way to tell stories and script writers have been doing this for years. So make sure you get straight to the point and you grab them from the moment they lay eyes on your email.


You need to present the content in a way where it is easy to consume. 65% of the people in the world will read and consume their emails via a mobile device.  That’s an incredible statistic.


That means that when people are looking at content on their phone they don’t want to be reading great big paragraphs. You’ll notice in all my emails and blogs everything is over one, two or three lines.


In an email I always leave a…. So I might write an email that would look like the following:


Hi (@NAME) …


Have you ever been sitting there wondering how on earth do I get more traffic to my site…


Have you ever invested hundreds and thousands of pounds into advertising on social media and Google and got nothing in return…


How frustrating is this process ?
Have you been here before…


So have I!


I’m here to tell you exactly how you can overcome this and start driving quality traffic to your website or blog…


Not interested? Check out my easy to implement, proven system below…


You can see how easy it is to scan over the content and understand exactly what it is I’m trying to say.


I wouldn’t worry about it being grammatically correct either. It has been proven that an email with poor grammar and punctuation can convert so much higher than well laid out content with no mistakes.


The reader can establish straight away if this is this something they want to read. The sentences are open-ended and allow the reader to move from one point to the next really quickly.


Another really great way to present your emails is by putting pictures and images in the text. This breaks up the text and guides the reader’s eyes through the email.


Because there are not huge chunks of text which are hard to break down with a human eye the content is easily readable on the phone and desktop.


When the customer is on the other end of the email there’s a good chance they’re out and about. They may been in a restaurant or sitting on the train or in a taxi…with this in mind you want them to be able to get through the content quickly.


There must be clear takeaways in every single email, so you must make sure that the objective of email is stated right at the start. Go back to the email example I outlined above.


I outline the problem they are facing, ask them if they are finding this an issue and then providing them with the solution. This does not have to be the whole solution; a quick actionable tip will suffice.


One thing you need to understand is it’s not about you, it’s about them. This is about helping them solve their problems. This is not the time to blow your own trumpet and tell them how amazing you are.


Okay so your emails need to offer value, they need to have quick actionable takeaways and they need to tell a story and entertain. I am a huge fan of storytelling with my content in my emails.


One you engage with your clients or potential customers you need make yourself real. You make yourself accessible. Make yourself someone that’s on their level and they can relate to.


As an influencer you’re sitting on top of a mountain and the client reading your content is at the bottom of that mountain. They will see this huge achievement and wonder…. how on earth did he/she manage that?


When you start telling stories about how you was once at the bottom of the mountain you can let them know that it is achievable and you will show them how. This is a very powerful way to become relatable to people trying to achieve what you have.


If you’re selling products you need to make sure that you’re telling stories that relates to your product.


So if I’m selling a product which are running trainers I could start telling a story about how I ran a marathon and it was a fantastic. The mood was high. Everyone’s having a great time…


I was 16 miles in and the people around me would start complaining about how their feet were hurting. Normally at this point I would be to. But I was wearing these brand new trainers, which were incredible, and they helped me so much…


I had no pain at all! Want to know what the trainers in question are…


As you can see I make the story relevant to the product I am selling, which are a pair of trainers. This just highlights that everyone can start storytelling in their emails.


Quality Over Quantity.



I know so many people that are building lists and concentrating on the amount of subscribers they have over the quality of subscribers they have.


But that’s actually not the best way to build your lists. You need to ensure that the quality of your list far out trumps the quantity of your list. It’s far better to have 100 engaging people on your list rather than 1000 people that just aren’t interested.


This comes down to how you market your product and who you market to. Let’s say you were selling an app that helped rugby fans access data on all rugby games and place bets on certain games as they were happening live.


You wouldn’t then market that betting rugby app to a football fan because that football fan wouldn’t care about rugby. You could advertise it as a sports betting app and have a whole load of subscribers join your list from every sport imaginable.


You could have thousands of subscribers, but only a handful that are interested in rugby. This will lead to one-thing…Un subscribers!


You need to make sure that if you’ve got an app that’s specifically designed for rugby you are targeting people who have got an active interest in rugby. Then when you follow up and send your subscriber emails in the future they will engage in your content as it’s in a topic they love.


The 2 Step Opt In Process.


You opt in page should be simple and direct. You don’t want to give the user any other options but to opt in or not opt in. You could have the opt in box on a popular blog or page on your site, but make sure it is front and center where it cannot be missed.


But don’t just guess what’s popular and what’s not, go off your site analytics. If you haven’t got any get some! You want to ensure you send people to the pages that are being visited most often.


It’s important that you offer something of value to the subscriber. They will not just hand over their email address for no reason. You should give them something that they can action straight away and see instant results.


It could be a free plus shipping offer, free webinar, a cheat sheet or eBook for example. Whatever you’re offering, ensure is tailored to the audience your marketing to. This goes back to the rugby example.


The last and most important point on this is to ensure it delivers on its promise. There’s nothing like a broken promise to lose the trust you could have built with that person and instantly turn them into a Un subscriber.


Now with any opt in there is a two-step process. There is the opt in page itself and the thank you page. Your opt in will be on your site or blog. You can use services like lead pages, click funnels to have individual pages for this.


Where ever it is make sure it is clear, to the point and offers no other option but to opt in or opt out.


On the opt in itself you can have a number of things that will enable you to increase the chances of that subscriber giving you their email address. You can add a 1-3 question quiz or popup.


You would think that this decreases the chance of the person subscribing to your list, but think about it…


Imagine you have come to a site and like the look of a free give away, but unsure you want to give over your address. In the opt in you are asked a few questions regarding your current business…


How long have you been selling online? How many monthly page views do you receive? The questions themselves don’t matter, they are there to just get the person clicking and investing some time in the process.


If you are that person, by the time you are asked to hand over your email it will be a no brainer. People value something much more if they have invested time or money in it…


Even if it is only 30 seconds on a couple of easy to answer questions. This is enough to make the user want something in return for their “efforts”.


The thank you page could be just a general thank you page where you say thank you for subscribing. Please see the download for your amazing e-book. There is nothing wrong with this, but you may be leaving cash on the table.


You could say Wait. Your download is not yet complete . Check out this incredible offer on………. That combined with your free e-book giveaway is going to dramatically increase your chances to turn those much wanted site visitors into subscribers every single month.


Now you are giving them a one time offer that could genuinely benefit them. I would recommend making this a very low-ticket item. Something that is affordable but offers a ton of value.


Now you are seeing if they are willing to get their credit card out and actually pay you for one of your products.


If you haven’t got a product yourself you could offer an affiliate link to a product that will help them reach their goals. But ensure the affiliate offer aligns with the initial free download they just opted in for.


Your awesome first email.



Your first email after your new subscriber has just downloaded your give away and gone through your opt in and thank you page has to be good. This is your chance to tell them more about why you are the person to help them.


You don’t want to go in with a ego pitch though, you want to tell stories that will show the user why you are qualified to help them, or why your product is amazing and will benefit them.


I am in the process of launching my Business Automation Course and have pasted the exact email that starts of my sequence below:


Hi, Sam here


Welcome to the my world…


About 5 years ago I left the British Army to start my own business…

“But Sam, you don’t know the first thing about running a business!” 


I can’t tell you the amount of times I heard this…and for a second or two I started to believe it…


But I figured the only way I would find out is to give it a shot…


And 5 glorious/unbelievably tough/remarkable/costly years later I have found pretty much every way to trip up and lose money…


Like many entrepreneurs I was near breaking point when I started to learn and master something miraculous…


Digital marketing!


Now I’m not talking about the usual techniques from outdated guru’s who market like were in 1980…


No, I mean studying modern, proven techniques that actually work…


As a result I have built one business in the fitness industry that makes multiple 6 figures a year…


Now in the grand scheme of things 6 figures a year is nothing to go nuts about, however there is one key thing I forgot to mention…


That business is completely passive for me! Thats right, I invest a total of 1 hour a week max to that business… 


So what has this done for me? Well I now have a system that I teach others…


A system that has allowed me to build a business from something I love that earns hundreds of thousands of pounds a year and pays for me to test all this cool marketing stuff… 


Oh and this cool marketing stuff has now paved the path for a new business that I now run managing the digital marketing accounts for multiple multi million pound companies from across the world! 


How cool is that! So how does this benefit you? 


It is my mission to provide as much value as possible to successful entrepreneurs just like you…


I am going to be completely transparent with everything I am doing so you can look straight over my shoulder as I grow multi million pound companies…


The best part…I’m not even going to charge for what others would consider premium content…


How cool is that? Doesn’t that sound awesome…


I will also be recommending products that will enable you to achieve this success for yourself…


These are products I own or trusted products I think are incredible and will help you reach your goals in the quickest time possible…


Remember you have to invest in yourself, your education and the resources you use to grow your business and reach heights you never thought possible…


You will be so blown away with the value I’m going to provide you will feel obliged to pay me for my stuff in the future! (Only joking…sort of)


Sound good?


Great, look out for my email tomorrow,


The subject line will be: “The day my business nearly killed me!”


Talk soon,

Sam Payne

P.S. These emails will deliver more and more value as they go on. Be sure to open my email tomorrow, remember the subject will be “CH 2 of 5,The day my business nearly killed me”.


P.P.S. I will also show you an incredible offer on the one key resource I utilise to grow my kick ass A-Team…Be sure to check it out.


There are a few things happening in this email. I am telling them why I am qualified to teach them this stuff, creating intrigue with the opportunity I am about to give them then telling them what they can expect from my emails.


I tell them outright that I will be selling them stuff. I tell them that they will get a ton of value and on top of that I get them excited about tomorrow’s email.


Your auto responder series.


Your auto responder series should be consistent with every new subscriber. I know some people that have 3 emails, some that have 7 and some that have up to 30!


There is no right or wrong answer here. I prefer 5 emails that lead them to a particular product or service related to why they opted in in the first place. It’s hard to sell someone on the front end a high ticket offer.


It becomes much easier if you do this via a well-structured email sequence following their initial opt in and download.


I have provided an email above, which is the first email I have in a 5-part sequence. Every day I tell a story outlining the problem they have, and I once had.


Then I take them one step closer to the solution day by day until on the last day I hit them with a one time offer on a product or service that will answer their problems.


This can be done in any niche or industry. You just have to understand your clients needs and serve them. If you can paint a picture around the actual problem they are having and then provide a solution there is a good chance you will get the sale.


Your email sequence is your chance to build trust with the subscriber and sell them over the 5 emails. And it doesn’t end there. From then on you send them broadcasts to more of the same product or different products you have on offer.


The key to successful email marketing is:


  1. Find the right audience
  2. Understand their needs
  3. Provide ton of value in return for their email address
  4. Slowly introduce them to an offer via your sequence
  5. Continue to sell to them, add value to them via your broadcasts
  6. Repeat the process time and time again


Your aim is to always keep building your list. You never let it go stagnant. The more people you have on your list, the more people you can serve. The more people you can serve the more money you can make.


This post was an outline and an introduction to email marketing. If you wish to know more contact me via the link below…





Today’s guest on the MyCoda podcast is a young lad from the UK, Ollie Forsyth.  He is a serial entrepreneur – having started his company at age 13. He is now 18 and has the Ollie’s Shop, The Budding Entrepreneur Magazine and The Budding Entrepreneur Club. He is a mentor, a speaker, and an ambassador of the Xavier Project Charity.


In this interview, you will learn:

  • About Ollie Forsyth’s back-story.
  • What his driving reason is for setting up The Budding
  • How he started Ollie’s Shop.
  • How he turned his shop into something that generated him a thousand pound in profit quite quickly.
  • How he sold and marketed his products at the age of 13.
  • How things moved on from Ollie’s shop to The Budding Entrepreneur Magazine and eventually, The Budding Entrepreneur Club.
  • If people are surprise to see a young lad when they meet him.
  • What was it about with Xavier Project Charity that he decided to get involved with them.
  • What exactly does Xavier Project Charity do.
  • What’s next on Ollie Forsyth’s calendar.



Ollies links:



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In this post I will outline the benefits of social media marketing and 8 key ways in which you can set up your very own social media marketing strategy.


The digital age is well and truly upon us and there’s no getting away from the fact that digital marketing is fast becoming the most effective way to reach your clients.


This has posed a slight issue… most marketers are trying to market to the world like it’s 1980! There are so many ways not to do this, and social media is the most easily accessible form of digital marketing, yet the most underutilized.


I will elaborate on my point above… There are so many ways in which you can reach your potential audience, and social media has opened up the doors to billions of people who are your potential customers.


In 1980 the average attention span of a person was 20 minutes…today the average attention span of a person is… take a guess, you will be shocked at the answer.




9 Seconds is all you have to grab the attention of your target market and wow them. This is no mean feat, and with stats like these it’s easy to see how so many people fail to grasp how to do this correctly.


With little to no budget ANYONE can start engaging with people online, if you’ve got a slightly healthier advertising budget you can reach people in the thousands, if not millions… and it’s never been cheaper!


With social media platforms being so accessible, becoming a “social media marketing expert” has never been easier. There are a good handful of incredible marketers out there who specialize in social media platforms in particular however there are also a lot of very bad ones to.


Later on in this post I will list some incredible resources you can tap into that are owned by some real experts, some are friends, some are not but all of them have helped me in some way or another market via multiple social media platforms the right way.\


So what can you expect from this post…


1. The way to approach social media marketing as a business.
2. How to determine your goals.
3. How to choose the right platform.
4. Awesome tips to get you going…NOW.
5. Filling your social media calendar with AWESOME content.
6. Automating posts and schedules.
7. How to achieve real engagement from the right people.
8. Why you need to jab jab jab….jab jab jab…and then consider throwing a hook!

Let’s move onto the first point in the hit list…


1. The way to approach social media marketing as a business:


You are at a friends wedding… the room is full of people you have never met before…everyone is having a great time and you take this opportunity to get to know everyone.


You start talking to others as you feel the right thing to do is build a relationship with people as you have one common interest…the bride and groom.


The person sitting next to you on your table has caught your eye so you introduce yourself… She is a beautiful girl in her mid twenties who clearly takes pride in her appearance… Would you start with this line?


“Hi my name is Sam and I have an incredible new product that will enable you to have professional looking make up applied within 2 minutes, cutting on average 16:31 off the time it takes to get ready. Check out this sales page to find out more…”


The simple answer…HELL NO! She would not only think you were a sleazy sales man, she wouldn’t give you the time of day and the conversation would stop at “hi”.


In that situation any normal person would introduce themselves and take the time to get to know the other person, thus building a relationship. It’s only when you knew that person, their interests and what gets them excited would you attempt to make a sale.


It’s the age old saying…People buy from people they know, like and trust that comes to mind when telling that story, and it’s so true. People love to buy things but they hate to be sold to. So why would you disregard the social norms when engaging with people on social media?


Think of social media as the perfect place to entertain your clients and provide them with as much value as possible. People don’t visit their FaceBook feed to be sold to. They have come to be entertained or in some cases educated.


So your primary goal as a business is to build relationships with your customers. It has never been easier to stay tuned to your customer’s real needs. Platforms like FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are where people go to vent their joys and frustrations.


You may be thinking why do I want to look out for people moaning online?


It’s these issues that tell you exactly what problems your customers face on a daily basis. This may have something to do with your services or products, or it may have something to do with life in general.


You need to take note of what the people are saying, it’s these key points that will highlight where you can start to provide solutions to their problems.


This is the answer to not selling to your clients, but solving their problems with products and services they will be queuing up to buy from you. You are letting them know that you understand them and their needs and happy to take the sting out of the issues they are facing right now.


There is one more crucial point we cannot fail to recognize… When someone truly helped you with an amazing product or service, and the customer service was amazing, did you tell anyone.


You bet you did! There’s no better pre frame to your company than a recommendation from a trusted friend or family member to your products and services. That is the best form of advertising there is…and it’s free.


So we have established you have to build relationships with people and not just sell them, but what are the best ways in which we can achieve this?


Let’s start here.


2. How to determine your goals:


You can take many approaches when setting your primary goals…


They can fall into different categories…


Brand Awareness…What does your brand say about you? You need to spend some time establishing what you want your brand to represent. Once you have established this you need to build that brand…


This can be achieved by regularly posting content. Don’t expect this to happen overnight though… Brands can take a lifetime to create and only a second to destroy, this is why it is crucial to stay true to your brand.


Content Distribution…


This is the primary way most brands and businesses utilize their social media accounts. There are only certain platforms this is suitable for, but given the right platform and audience, great content can literally go viral and launch brands overnight.


Lead Generation and customer acquisition…


This is where Gary Vaynerchucks “Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook” comes into play. We have already established how social media is the platform to provide value to your customers and build relationships.


This is the jab part of the equation. The right hook comes when you occasionally drive that traffic back to a sales page or offer. You have to remember the mindset of the person who is scrolling through their news feed.


They are not in what you call a “buyer’s mindset”. For this reason alone you have to give them something that is going to enable you to build that relationship with them.


Once the trust is there and you have an offer that aligns with their needs, that’s when you hit them with the hook. Provide value first, and then present the sale.


This is a method that takes a lot longer to get the initial sale, but once you have cracked it you will have a life long customer.


3. How to choose the right platform…


Facebook: This is the largest social media platform in the world. It has to date (23-01-17) over 1.79 BILLION monthly active users. An active user is someone that has used the platform in the last 30 days. That figure is astonishing!


Facebook is great for building a brand, content distribution, advertising, lead generation and customer acquisition.


Twitter: Twitter is widely regarded as a dying platform. This could not be further from the truth. This is an incredibly effective way to share your content. The platform does not have as many features as Facebook but is perfect for the busy business owner wanting to share his (or her) message.


There are over 320 million monthly active users on Twitter, this is not a figure to be ignored and still provides a brilliant platform to share content with your customers and build a brand.


Instagram: Instagram is a visual platform that is perfect for the creative businesses out there. It is harder to direct traffic on Instagram, not impossible, but are difficult than the other platforms.


Where Instagram comes into its own is brand awareness. You can tell your brand’s story via images and capture the emotions of your customers incredibly well on this platform.


There are over 600 million active monthly users on Instagram, which is amazing, however it does pose a problem for the lazy out there.


You have to produce great content to gain real traction. You can’t just throw up any old pic and wait for people to flock to your pages. All the users of this platform see are images so you have to provide something really cool for them to take notice.


I wrote an article on the top 21 influencers on Instagram and what they are doing to get such an incredible following.


P.S. these top 21 influencers share 193 million of the 600 million active users on the entire platform… it’s worth checking out what they are doing so different.


21 People | 193 Million Followers | 3,289,565 Likes Per post | See how the top 21 influencers on Instagram do it!




This is the perfect platform to build relationships with your customers. This is the place to put your brand out there for everyone to see warts and all.


You can give your customers a behind the curtain view of your company, products and upcoming promotions. Remember the age old saying quoted earlier.


“People buy from people they know, like and trust”


Well Snapchat is the platform you can utilize to show your customers who the people are behind your brand.




This is a great platform for those wanting to build relationships with other businesses and professionals.


LinkedIn has provided the network for businesses to find new talent or grow their network of potential suppliers or customers.


Build your own LinkedIn business page and start building and growing your network today.


Whatever platform you choose to utilize make sure you stay engaged with your followers. You don’t have to be on every platform, and not every platform will suit your needs.


Go where your customers are, If the majority of your clients are on Twitter then double down on that…If its FaceBook and Twitter then get busy on them.


It’s hard for me to say what platform you need to utilize, you will have to do some digging to establish where your customers are, but it is well worth finding this out before going all in on a particular platform.


4. Awesome tips to get you going…NOW.


There is no time like the present, and as we have discussed the key to a successful social media profile is having a clear social media strategy.


This requires you to have a clear understanding about your audience.


I have had the pleasure of interviewing some incredible entrepreneurs who are experts in this industry. I have linked the interviews below as I feel they will offer a lot of value here.


Download these episodes for free…There is over 7 hours of jam packed interviews with experts in the online marketing and sales industry here. Be sure to download them and immerse yourself in the content they share.


BUT WAIT…Download them then head straight back here to finish the post…You can plug the podcasts in once we have given you everything you need to know in this post.


Build Your Brand, Grow Your Audience And Increase Sales! James Camp Tells Exactly How To Leverage Social Media To Rapidly Grow Your Business!


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So what can you start doing NOW to build social media presence for you and your company.


1.Start a FaceBook group…The great thing about FaceBook groups is you can invite people to like them, so you don’t even have to wait for people to find you or promote it to cold traffic.


You can start to build an audience straight away from the people you already have as friends and followers.


Make sure that the people you invite have an interest in what your group offers, otherwise they will not engage with you and join the group.


2.Find and engage…Twitter has a great search function where you can find people that have an interest in products or services related to yours.


All you have to do is go to and start looking for key search terms…



If I was in the coffee industry and was selling organic fresh ground coffee online and was giving away free samples with a free plus shipping offer I would want to find people that love coffee.


I would simply put in a search term “coffee and you would get the following results:



You can then see who is loving coffee right NOW and message them…build a relationship and then send them a free offer.


Say you now have a relationship with a number of small coffee shop owners you could try to get your coffee in their shops.


It’s not as black and white as that but you get the picture, you can start to build relationships with people straight away who have an active interest in your product.


These are just 2 ways, but are quick and effective…they will allow you to start building relationships with people online RIGHT NOW!


5. Filling your social media calendar with AWESOME content:


It’s important to map out your campaign from the start. You want to fill your calendar with content that will do the following:


4.Is relevant
5.Is shareble
6.Offers value
7.Offer polarity


These are a must when creating content for your social media campaigns. There is an abundance of content online today and it is very easy to get lost in people’s newsfeeds.


It is also very important to keep the content coming so your audience has exposure to you every day. It’s no good posting once a week and being done with it.


The content has to offer an enormous amount of value and be consistent. The second your content under delivers you will lose a potential customer. It’s a good thing if a few people don’t like it either.


People really engage with people that share the same views, just look at the Trump campaign.


You have avid Trump fans that hang on every word he says and will support any decision he makes regardless of the outcome…then you have a good handful of people that cannot stand Trump!


Do you think that matters…NO. The amount of publicity Trump got was just as good from the haters and the lovers…It gave him incredible exposure where it allowed others to follow him or disregard him altogether, and look how that turned out.


The amount you post is down to you, you don’t want to stretch yourself and produce poor quality content. It will take some testing, however fulfil the needs of your audience…it’s not a bad thing if they want more.


The title of your post is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. When someone is scrolling at 100mph through their newsfeed you need to catch their eye…To disrupt their thought pattern.


A fantastic piece of advice I received from Russell Brunson was to look at the national enquirer headlines.



There are a ton of incredible headlines that truly catch your eye.


An example of a few are:


“Hillary Clinton Adopts Alien Baby”


“Trumps Mistress Cheats On Donald With Tom Cruise”


“Cosby Had Son Murdered!”


“Bigfoot Kept Lumberjack As Love Slave”


“Oprah Caught In Blackmail Scandal”


I don’t know about you but I want to read these articles…the headlines are incredible and definitely get you to look twice.


Your headlines need to pack the same punch. Another key point is images. This is something people often get wrong. Now this depends on the platform you are posting on. There are optimal sizes for images on certain platforms:


There’s a great post that outlines the exact social media image sizes for every platform:


The Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet


Images have been tested tirelessly. It depends on what traffic you are looking to target to what images perform best:


Cold traffic: This is generally an image that does not make sense. Something that catches the person’s attention and makes them have to look twice.


Just look at the national enquirer photos from earlier. They all have images that do not make a ton of sense.



You wonder what he is talking about, also the play button lets you know that there is a video that you can watch…Interesting, this has proven to be way more effective than professional images with cold traffic.


With warm or hot traffic you can afford to go a little more classy:



These types of images blend in a bit more in people’s newsfeeds which is why warm and hot traffic will notice them over cold. With cold traffic you need to grab them from whatever they intend to do next.


Hot and warm traffic will notice you more than people who have no idea who you are…That’s why you can get away with more professional images.


The last thing that is hot at the minute is live video streaming…This is where all video content will go. Its interesting because people used to spend a lot of time and money creating professional videos.


People love to see the real un edited version of you and your company. This is why live video is an incredible way to reach your audience and build a relationship with them.


Below are some incredible resources you can use to create your own social media images on a desktop and mobile device.



To sign up to Canva and Pixabay follow the links below:


There is also a great mobile app called Word Swag that will enable you to create awesome social media images in minutes:



To get Word Swag visit the link below:


6.Automating Posts and Schedules:


Automating your social media posts is an incredibly time efficient way to continue to provide great quality content to your followers without it consuming all of your time.


The key to building great relationships with your followers though is to actually engage with them on a regular basis. With that in mind I would use the tools outlined below to automate the initial post then follow up and engage with your followers in person to really utilise these systems:


Let’s move onto the software you can use to set up a killer content and automation system:


MeetEdgar –
Later –
Iconsquare –
Instagress –
Canva –
Word Swag –
Pixabay –


Let’s meet Edgar… this tool is awesome for posting to FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn.



To sign up to Edgar follow the link below:


Now let’s look at Later. Later is brilliant at scheduling your Instagram posts…


To sign up to Later follow the link below:


Now let’s take a look at Inconsquare. This software provides analytics for your Instagram account, and is vital for anyone trying to create a social media presence…



To sign up to Iconsquare follow the link below:


Next on the agenda is Instagress. This is an Instagram interaction tool that is great for automatically liking, following, commenting and un following people on Instagram.



To sign up to Instagress follow the link below:


All of these tools are all you need to automate your social media posts via every platform I have outlined above bar Snapchat.


7.How to achieve real engagement from the right people:


This is a huge part of building relationships with the right customers. The last thing you want to do is spend a whole ton of time and money building an audience only to discover they are not your target market!


I have fallen victim to this and there is no worse feeling. If you are building an audience to understand their needs you have to make sure they are the right people.


If you get this wrong you will achieve the following:


Find the wrong problem to solve.


No one will buy your products or services when you launch.


No one will engage with and share your content as it will not resonate with them.


Have thousands of people who are not the right fit for your brand and what it represents.


All of the points above highlight why it is so important to concentrate on building a following of quality followers over the quantity of followers.


It is much better to have 100 people in your audience that will engage with your every post, share your content, products and services and become raving fans than 10,000 people that don’t care.


To do this you first need to understand who your customer is, what their problems are and where they hang out.


This could be in certain FaceBook groups, online forums or even local locations like book clubs and coffee shops. Even though this is all about social media marketing you are still talking and building relationships with real people.


Therefore you have to go where they are. The more you can find out about your target market the easier it will be to find them.


Don’t rush this part. Take as much time as you need to establish everything outlined above. As this is a post about social media marketing in general I won’t go into customer profiling here.


Please be aware of the importance of this part, get this wrong and nothing else is even relevant as you are preaching to the wrong crowd.


8.Why you need to jab jab jab….jab jab jab…and then consider throwing a hook!


This is a common mistake that a lot of people make. I will refer back to the first point I made in this post about meeting someone for the first time at a friend’s wedding…


When meeting someone for the first time you would not approach them with your best offer and try to sell them. you would spend some time getting to know them first.


When people are marketing on social media they forget about the acceptable social norms.


It’s like when you’re in a car and stuck in traffic….If you witness someone cutting another person up 9 times out of 10 the person being cut up will erupt with anger and scream, curse and swear at the other person.


Yet you take that same person out of the car and put them in a queue at the shops, watch how differently they react when someone cuts in front of them.


At best they will let out a sigh of frustration or even say excuse me but we are queuing.


So what changed? When someone is sitting behind the computer screen or in their car they are protected and separated from the real world, therefore it is very easy to act outside the socially accepted norms.


Put them in front of real people and everything changes, now there is a level of empathy that was not there before as you are dealing with a real person and not another car or social media account on your computer screen.


So when you are marketing to your clients, or potential clients, you need to apply the same level of empathy as you would if they were right in front of you in the same room.


This is an incredibly simple yet effective strategy that will allow you to understand the needs of your clients and better serve them with your products or services.


There is also a level of trust that has to be built when dealing with people online. If you can demonstrate that you understand the person’s needs and how to fulfil them your winning.


Do this for free with incredible content that asks for nothing in return except an email address from time to time and you will start to build trust with the person.


Once you establish that level of trust you can then start to ask them to check out your products or services.


We can go one further and say that a properly established social media strategy will actually put you in a position where you are an authority that people trust and will happily invest in when the time comes.


They will be asking you if they can check out your products!







Today’s session of the MyCoda podcast is with Tim Paige. Tim is the founder of and where he provides voice overs and intros for podcasts, including EntrepreneurOnFire and Foundr Magazine, plus a host of other leading names in the industry. He also does voiceovers for many well-known brands, including the UFC and the Jimmy Kimmel show. Tim is also the host of Conversion Cast podcast and the lead conversion educator at Leadpages.

In this interview, you will learn:

  • About Tim’s background story.
  • How He helps people with conversions on their podcast.
  • About Tim’s entrepreneurial journey.
  • What got him big into conversions.
  • How you can identify exactly who he is you’re selling to.
  • What are the key ways you can start converting people from listeners to subscribers.
  • What are the giveaways you can use from the very basic up to the webinar level.
  • Tim’s words of wisdom.


Links to Tim’s Businesses:


Conversion Cast Podcast:


Make My Intro:




Have you ever wanted to set up a podcast…

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Wouldn’t that be awesome?

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In this episode of the MyCoda podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing Sarah Kaler. She is the founder of Soul Powered. Soul Powered is a leadership development and coaching company on a mission to generate a movement of conscious, purpose-driven leaders and organizations that improve lives and empower change in the world. She is helping so many entrepreneurs combat something that is very common in this world – stress, burning out, and redlining life – with her mastermind group, mentorship programs, and one-on-one programs.


In this interview, you will learn:

  • About Sarah’s background information and what it is that she does.
  • How she helps entrepreneurs with their problems.
  • How you can’t not afford outsourcing.
  • What made Sarah change and start her own business.
  • What success looks like for Sarah.
  • How people can start to develop themselves as a business owner and start managing teams better.
  • How to properly handle your virtual staffs.
  • Sarah’s words of wisdom.


Sarah’s details








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In this post, I’m going to talk to you about eight key points which are going to lay a solid foundation for your 2017. This isn’t your normal top ten tips for entrepreneurs going into 2017. I want to draw on a few lessons which I have learned in the past which have actually clouded my vision.


What I mean by clouded my vision is, say for example it’s 2017. I’ve got these goals I want to achieve. I could then go and read a post on Facebook which directs me to a blog which tells me about ten key points that this very successful entrepreneur likes to go into his new year with. And that could not quite align with where I want to go.


So all of a sudden, I’ve got this conflicting view against with what I want to achieve or my goals for that year. And it makes me think, maybe I shouldn’t be trying to achieve that because that’s not what this expert is doing. So all of a sudden, I changed my game plan. and it doesn’t align with what I actually want to do. It aligns with what the expert wants to do.


There’s nothing wrong with following advice from other people. In fact, that’s how great businesses are made. But you need to know how to process that advice and really understand, does that apply to me? Can I use that? Can it help me?


So I’ve fallen victim to this in the past. And I’ve gone into 2017 with a set of guidelines which I thought that if I just stick to these things for myself, I’ll be happy, I’ll be healthy, and I would learn a lot in the process. So as long as I do these 8 things, no matter what I apply it to, I should become successful.


These do apply and they’re very easy to implement. We’re going to lay a foundation for 2017 which you can build on. We’re not trying to set up a business and make a multi-million dollar empire in 12 months. Some people manage it, I don’t know how but some people do.


What we’re going to do in 2017 is get one step closer to our end goal. It may take another 3 or 4 years to get there. It might take you 10 years to get there. But as long as we’re doing these things in 2017, they’re going to get us toward that goal. Then it’s important we make sure the steps we take are contributing to achieving these things.


So I’ve got eight steps which I’m going to run through. These are very easy to implement and they’re going to help you truly get towards whatever your goal is.


So the first one is health. It’s not business related but guess what, being healthy and active has so many benefits to running a business. My first business is a cross fit gym. Before I really got into the depths of how to run that gym and when I first set it up, I just enjoy the gym, training, and enjoy doing what I love doing, which was exercising.


For me my goals were all fitness related. I invested a lot of time and energy into my fitness. I was training two to three hours, eighteen stupidly strict diet and nutrition plans. And then all of a sudden, my business started to suffer so I had to then take a step back from the fitness stuff. I actually stopped training altogether for like three or four weeks straight.


And then all of a sudden, I found I was miserable, tired, often thinking straight, I wasn’t creative, I wasn’t proactive, I wasn’t very nice to be around, my energy was low, and it was just not a good place for me to be in. So then I went back to just training an hour a day and it’s the way that my body performs its best. It’s the way my mind performs at its best.


No matter how tired I am I always go in and train first thing in the morning. That with a bit of a decent diet, you would be fine. What I mean with a decent diet is just cut out the sweets all week long and then maybe once a week just treat yourself. So everything in moderation is fine. You don’t have to train for an hour a day. Just get up and do twenty press ups, whatever. Just do something every day.


Knowledge. It is very important. We need to make sure that we are learning all the time. But you need to be careful not to get in this trap of consuming everything you see online. Without realizing it, you could become a hoover and just taking information from everywhere. And all of sudden, you’re so overwhelmed. You don’t know what to do with that information.


Russell Brunson talks about this that overwhelming is good. And I agree. It’s good to immerse yourself in something and really try and understand it. Because once you’ve immersed yourself in a topic, you can then start breaking down different parts to that and then start fine tuning everything. Whatever your way of learning is, make sure you’re learning something that’s relevant to your business and what you’re doing at that time because that’s the way you are truly going to master it.


And the only way you are truly going to master it is by following the next point which is application. Application is key. You must take everything you’re learning and use it to test it to see if it does work. And that’s how you’re really going to understand a topic and master it. So when you’re consuming content, make sure it’s relevant to whatever it is you’re doing. As you start becoming successful, people will see this and they’ll pick up a new energy signature and want to get involved. They want some of what you’ve got. So people can offer you opportunities.


Whether you take them or not is up to you but I would strongly recommend learning to say no. Only say yes to the stuff that’s really going to be important to you. When you’ve been presented with opportunities, make sure it aligns with everything you’re doing. And make sure you can manage the extra burden of responsibility.


Every time you say yes to an opportunity, you’re closing a door to another. And this opportunity may not be right for you. It may not be the best thing for you, your business, or whatever. But make sure that whatever it is you are even considering taking on as an opportunity, make sure you’re passionate and excited about it, make sure it aligns with what you’re doing and what you believe is bright, and make sure it’s something you can invest your time and energy in. And lastly, make sure it doesn’t detract away from what you’re doing at that time. If you start taking up opportunities here, make sure it doesn’t bring down everything else around you. You want to be building everything at the same time.


Now, people that are going to help you do this to stay on track are your mentors. So this is my next point. Make sure you find mentors in 2017. If you haven’t got already, go find them. I don’t just grab anybody. I look for people that are going to help me grow my businesses and help me develop as a person.


I’ve done paid mentors online. It was OK. But what I’ve learned from those experiences is people who you pay to be your mentor, never invest in you as much as people who you don’t pay to be a mentor. People who you pay to be a mentor, they’ve got one interest. Their primary goal in that transaction is to take money for that service.


Now, I agree in paying for coaches. I agree in paying for consultants. But mentors, I like to look for people that don’t want to take money from me but actually want to help me as a person grow. And from that, I’ve got so many better results from those relationships than people I’ve paid for mentors. The mentors I have got are people I’ve met through other mentors, the people that I’ve met within my gym and within the environments I’m normally in. I start interacting and being around more successful people and naturally my network grows. So it’s very important you do too guys.


Now this one is very important, clear your calendar. Entrepreneurs love to be busy. If you fill your calendar with rubbish that doesn’t need to be done, you are going to be detracting from the one key thing that’s going to grow your business. If you get one thing done today or tomorrow and that one thing is going to be the main thing that’s going to contribute to the success of you and your company, then that’s a good thing.


Don’t worry if you haven’t got a hundred things on your calendar. Just because someone’s got loads in the calendar doesn’t mean they’re successful. Make sure your calendar is only full of priorities that are truly going to get you and your business to where it needs to be. That’s what assistants and staffs are for. That’s what these highly skilled people are here for, to help you grow your business with stuff that may not be true to your skill set. I concentrate on what my strengths are. And by doing that my calendar is only filled with stuff that’s important to me and the growth of my business.


Now this next one is very, very important. If you could do one thing this year, this is it. Keep away from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, all those other places. And I don’t mean to stay away from them in terms of never go near them. Social media is the tool to be on to grow your business but as long as you’re on there to grow your business.


That’s building relationships with people, building networks of people, providing value to people, growing your network, becoming an authority in a given niche or industry. Use social media for its strengths which are going to help contribute to the success of your business. Don’t use social media to watch videos of monkeys jumping around on trees and people in clown suits getting beat up. All that rubbish that doesn’t matter, it’s just fluff. It’s noise.


You only make sure you’re on social media when you need to be on social media. And you do it by blocking your time. So I generally go on social media first thing in the morning when I’m eating my breakfast and that’s to answer any questions, emails, any things in the forums. I get that done in sort of ten, twenty minutes. And then I close it down, I move on to my next task for the day. And then before I go to bed, I spend twenty minutes just going through my stuff then I’m done. It’s the same with my emails guys. You make sure that you stay true to what it is you need to achieve that day.


The last one is very, very important. I made a vow to do this too much in 2017. I’ve already started doing this and I’ve seen a huge increase in my energy levels. I’ve seen massive jumps forward in my relationship with my son and my wife. I am happier. And I look forward to coming back to work after doing this. I laugh more. I’m happy. I make a point to be happy. I make it a point to laugh more and have a good time.


And I make sure I’m living the life I want to be living – so whether that means spending an hour every single evening with my wife and my son. And then I’ll get back to work after that. But I’ve spent that time every single day with my family. And I do tend to work sometimes at weekends but then I might block the whole weekend out after like eleven o’clock on a Saturday morning and I spend the rest of that whole weekend 100% percent dad and husband mode.


I don’t do anything about business I just get in there and I enjoy that time with my wife and my son. By doing this, I’m actually enjoying those moments. Enjoy the times you need to be enjoying your family. Invest in that time as much as you invest in your business time. Entrepreneurs invest in a business and they put everything into that business. Then take that same work ethic. Family, loved ones, friends, invest that same bit of energy in to that as well.



So here’s a quick summary of the steps that will ACTUALLY help you achieve your goals in 2017:


1.Health & Wellbeing



4.Learn to say NO

5.Find mentors

6.Clear your calendar

7.Keep away from Facebook

8.Live, laugh and be happy



Kick start 2017 with the best in business. If you want to hear the best piece of advice that has contributed to the success of 35 of the most successful entrepreneurs that have featured on the MyCoda Podcast click the link below…





In today’s episode of the MyCoda podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing the awesome Yaro Starak. He is a coach and the founder of where he blogs. He has a successful podcast and a huge library of online courses. He started his online entrepreneurial journey right in the dot-com bubble of 1998. He’s providing incredible content and value to his followers since. And he’s helping so many people established themselves as authorities in this online world.

In this interview, you will learn:

  • A bit of Yaro’s background information.
  • How was it for him starting out back then.
  • If entrepreneurship has always been in his blood.
  • At what point did he realized he’s now achieved his goal.
  • What a marketing strategy looks like.
  • How you can formulate a marketing strategy for yourself.
  • What’s the ideal amount of time to keep putting out content before you can expect to start asking for something in return.
  • What you can do if you don’t have the budget to spend on a video.
  • About Yaro’s post about the day he spent $5,000 on something he has avoided for ten years.
  • About his words of wisdom.


Link to Yaro Site: Entrepreneurs Journey

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I’m very excited to bring on today’s guest for you guys because it is the expert on design thinking and innovation, Warren Berger. He is a journalist and an author to many books, including his international bestseller, Glimmer: How Design Can Transform Business and Your Life and the book we’re here to talk about today, A More Beautiful Question, where he talks about the power of inquiry to spark breakthrough ideas. Warren believes that questioning leads to innovation, can help you be more successful in your career, and can spark change in our businesses and lives.

In this interview, you will learn:

  • A bit of Warren’s background information and what it is he does.
  • About the book, A More Beautiful Question.
  • What a beautiful question is.
  • About some key questions that helped Warren in his day to day life.
  • Which questions that helped him in his business.
  • How to ask better questions that can give you the answers to take your business to the next level.
  • About his words of wisdom.


Warren Berger’s Links:

Twitter: @GlimmerGuy



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Question your way to success!


#42 Key questions that will help you realize the answers to any obstacle you may face in business. FREE Download link below…






Over the past ten months since starting this podcast, I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing some of the most influential entrepreneurs in the face of this planet. And throughout every single interview, they give so much value and tell their stories in ways which you can relate to them and learn from them. Then I had the idea of putting together every single person’s last piece of advice that features on the show and compile them into one episode so you can go into 2017 and hear the best single pieces of advice that these entrepreneurs could give you in one hit. Also, we are going to get a sneak peek into the eight other interviews I’ve had with some of the highly successful entrepreneurs – including Chris Ducker and the king of podcast himself, John Lee Dumas. These interviews are going to be exclusive. They’re not even live on the show yet. Hopefully, this episode is going to help you succeed in 2017 and onwards.


04:48 | Matt Pocius | Show:

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1:04:56 | Robert Duff | Show:

1:06:43 | Brett Miller | Show:

1:11:21 | Meghan Telpner | Show:

1:13:26 | Jessica Improta | Show:

1:16:04 | Patrick McGinnis | Show:

1:18:04 | Peter Shankman | Show:

1:20:36 | Jess Catorc | Show:

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